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Health Ministry monitors new strain of Dengue fever

15:05 Wed Dec 18, 2013

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Shireen Lata

The Health Ministry is closely monitoring a new strain of dengue fever that has been identified as “Dengue 3”.

Acting National Advisor Communicable Diseases – Dr Mike Kama says suspicions of the new strain arose after an unusually high number of cases of dengue were recorded in the last month.

“There’s a possibility that it can go really bad for Fiji as it has in some of the other island countries, as it has in some of the Pacific island countries.”

The Health Ministry is awaiting results of blood tests and other data to confirm the strain.

Blood samples have been sent to a reference lab in Australia and the Ministry is expecting the results by the end of the week.

“You have fever, that is really prolonged or pain behind the eyes, generalized pain of the body like muscle aches and joint pains and you feel very bad. You don’t want to eat; you want to rest and lie down. Sometimes you’re vomiting, sometimes rash. So the first thing is that if you have fever, and you have headache or pain behind the eyes, just see your doctor.”

Health Minister – Dr Neil Sharma is urging the members of the public to be vigilant and start taking preventative measures.

“Clean your environment, ensure that there’s no water collected and if you find mosquito breeding spots please destroy them, if there’s stagnant pool, spray a little bit of kerosene on it.”

According to the ministry increased preventative measures can help bring down the number of cases.

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