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2022 polling stations counted

07:53 Mon Sep 22, 2014

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Rita Narayan

Results from only six polling stations remain to be announced by the Fijian Elections Office.

Of the 2022 polling stations counted so far, FijiFirst has amassed 292,870 votes.
This is followed by SODELPA with 139,583 votes.

The National Federation Party comes in third place with 27,011.

Newly formed People’s Democratic Party has collected a total of 15,821 votes and the Fiji Labour Party has 11,641 votes.

Other newly created parties – One Fiji Party and Fiji United Freedom Party have 5831 and 1070 votes respectively.

Independent candidate Roshika Deo has 1054 votes and Umesh Chand 224 votes.

There are a total of 2028 polling stations.

The total number of votes cast and the invalid votes are yet to be announced.
With the current results the seat allocations in the new parliament are expected as follows FijiFirst – 32, SODELPA -15 and NFP 3.

The Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem and Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Chen Bunn Young will hold a press conference at 10am today.

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