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Kava exports expected to earn Fiji $32m

15:49 Thu Oct 01, 2015

The delegation at the Kava Bar in California

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Report by: Ritika Pratap

Exports of Kava or Yaqonato the US market is expected to grow and generate around $32 million in revenue.

Acting Permanent Secretary for Agriculture -UraiaWaibuta is heading a Market Scoping Delegation touring potential Kava markets in the US.

Current demand for Kava in the US alone is around 10 tonnes per year and has the potential to easily grow to 20 tonnes, as other markets are being explored.

This was highlighted after the delegation met with key Kava importers in California last Sunday.

Waibutasays one of the highlights of their visit was the modernised Kava Bar in Sacramento called the ‘Root of Happiness Kava Bar’.

Tyler Blythe who is the head of the American Kava Association says all Kava entering the US needs to be cleared by the Food & Drugs Administration to ensure that products served are safe for consumption and meet customer satisfaction.

America currently has 30 Kava Bars and plans are to open 60 more bars by the end of next year.

Waibutasays Fijian farmers need to grow more kava to meet export demands.

Fiji produces around 4000 tonnes of Kava from a total area of 1,300 hectares.

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