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Video showed in court as evidence

19:02 Thu May 18, 2017

Taken from/By: FBC news
Report by: Shireen Shivan

A reconstruction video of the crime scene in the case against alleged rapist and murderer Josua Colanaudolu was played in court as evidence this morning.

Colanaudolu who faces multiple charges of murder, rape, abduction and indecently assaulting a female, allegedly raped four girls in his community and allegedly murdered the fourth victim after raping her in Deuba last year.

The one hour long video shows Colanaudolu taking police officers around the community where the alleged offense took place.

He takes the investigators to a spot where he allegedly met the victim, he then points to the highway and the team moves to a new spot.

Colanaudolu – speaking in iTaukei describes how he allegedly threw the victim over a fence and then re-creates the scene using a log.

The video then shows the accused picking up the log and dragging it along the beach – allegedly re-enacting everything he did to the victim.

Colanaudolu then describes how he grasped the victims’ hands behind her back as she lay face-down in the sand.

This is consistent with earlier evidence of how the fourteen year old was found.

The video evidence shows Colanaudolu leading investigators back to the community towards a neighbours house where he washed his bloodied hands and legs.

Loud cries are heard from the home of the victim as the accused walks by, heading back to the police vehicle.

Police officers who were seen in the video with Colanaudolu also took the stand today – all confirmed that the accused allegedly confessed committing the crime and was subsequently charged.

Defence questioned witnesses on whether Colanaudolu was punched, kicked, assaulted and forced to make a confession to which all replied no.

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