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Judge to sum up sedition case on Friday

06:36 Wed Sep 13, 2017

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Ropate Valemei

For the third time, a mistrial application filed by the defense for the fifteen Ra people charged with sedition was dismissed by the Lautoka High Court yesterday.

The defense and prosecution yesterday also summed up the case of one of the longest criminal trials in Fiji.

The defense lawyer for the second to fifteenth accused persons told the court that his clients were denied their right to a fair trial.

This came after Judge Justice Aruna Aluthge ruled against an oral mistrial application by Defense lawyer Aman Ravindra-Singh.

He told the court that the judge should not base his ruling and decision on the prosecution arguments that the applications were a waste of the courts time.

He says those applications were serious and lives of the accused persons depend on it.

Justice Aluthge says he stood his ground on his ruling.

The court also heard closing submissions when both prosecution and defense lawyers restated their main points of their arguments to the assessors.

The judge will sum up the case on Friday.

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