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We fear no one: Professor Prasad

13:39 Wed Sep 13, 2017

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Report by: Shireen Shivan

Opposition Member of Parliament Professor Biman Prasad says this week’s parliament session should have been an opportunity for the government to outline its policies and plans.

However Professor Prasad says the government side is playing petty politics and attacking the opponents.

”We are flattered by the attention the government is giving is in its attacks. We fear no one, we will not be intimidated and if we are attacked we will return fire with intensity.”

Professor Prasad further went on to say that his party has unshakeable foundation and has deep roots as they have been in existence for over 54 years.

Speaking on the issue of new $2.68 minimum wage rate, Professor Prasad said the public need to know how much the cabinet minister’s earn.

He told the parliament that he left his highly-paid profession for politics only to serve the country.

”I don’t care whether I win or lose the election. If I lose, I will go out with my head held high.”

Professor Prasad says it will be difficult for the low-income earners to survive even on the new wage rate, saying it will be hard for them to meet the demands and save for the future.

The Parliament session continues.

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