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There’s no mechanism to verify plastic levy on cash registers: FRCS

06:44 Thu Sep 14, 2017

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Shireen Shivan

Despite the regulatory body warning businesses using cash registers not to charge the ten cents plastic levy, some businesses continue not to adhere to this notice.

FBC News discovered one such business over the weekend and referred the matter to Fiji Revenue and Customs Service.

Chief Executive Visvanath Das clarified they’ve made it clear from the beginning that plastic levy can only be charged using Point of Sale system which will be easy to monitor.

“Some queries came to me, probably they were charging, they called me to verify and I told them that if you don’t have a point of sale you shouldn’t. We want the customers to give us a copy of their receipt that, that has happened. There’s law in place that these people are going to be subject of $25,000 fine or a ten year imprisonment”

Popular eatery in Suva, Wishbone based in Dolphin Plaza, was charging the levy and upon questioning, FBC News was told their cash registers are programmed to the Point of Sale system.

But now the company has stopped charging this levy.

Surprisingly Wishbone Manager Accounts Jabeen Kamlesh said it is just a temporary measure alleging FBC News had tarnished their reputation.

She also said the company is currently having talks with Revenue and Services to clarify this issue.

Responding to questions posed on Wishbone, Das said proper investigations will be done.

“Cashier is charging the plastic levy but then punching it to a food code, so how do I verify and how do I get a return from them which means I will have to rely on their voluntary compliance.”

Das warned businesses not to exploit the ordinary Fijians and reminded them the Plastic bag levy is an environmental levy and not means to make money.

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