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Where is the Union coming from: FBOA

13:32 Thu Oct 12, 2017

Taken from/By: FBC news
Report by: Ritika Pratap

The Fiji Bus Operators Association says bus drivers who have any issues should raise it with their respective management so that it can be solved.

Amid reports that many bus industry workers are now registering with the Transport Workers Union, Association general secretary, Rohit Latchan, says he doesn’t understand where this Union has suddenly come from.

Latchan says drivers had not raised any complaints regarding their working conditions in the past and he does not understand why this issue is being highlighted now.

Latchan who operates K R Latchan buses says he has a very good relationship with his drivers.

He’s urging all drivers to speak with their respective companies to resolve any issues they may be going through.

The Association will be holding a meeting tomorrow to discuss matters relating to the industry.

Meanwhile the Transport Workers Union general secretary, Kamlesh Kumar, yesterday told FBC News that over two hundred workers have registered with the union and the number continues to increase.

The Union claims the bus industry workers have been receiving very low wages and working under poor conditions.

The Union will be holding a meeting on Saturday in Suva for the workers.

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