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Court shows no mercy

16:45 Thu Oct 12, 2017

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Report by: Shireen Shivan

The Suva High Court showed no mercy while sentencing a man who was convicted of burglary and theft.

Shavneel Prasad was sentenced to two years and ten months imprisonment by Judge Justice Vincent Perera this morning.

Prasad stole over eight thousand dollars and a CCTV camera from the place where he worked as a driver.

During the trial the court heard that prior to the incident Prasad stole a bunch of keys to access the office to commit the offense.

Justice Perera said by doing this Prasad breached the trust of his employer.

Prasad’s counsel informed the court that Prasad is remorseful for what he has done and also said that Prasad’s family is going through hardships.

However the Judge reiterated that theft and burglary is prevalent in Fiji.

Justice Perera said if he will show leniency towards Prasad, this will send a wrong message to the country.

The Judge also refused giving suspended sentence to Prasad.

The man is eligible to apply for parole after serving one year and ten months imprisonment.

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