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Mass evacuation as fire breaks out at Lautoka Hospital

06:46 Tue Dec 05, 2017

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Report by: Maggie Boyle

An early morning fire at Lautoka Hospital has forced the evacuation of patients and staff of the entire hospital.

FBC News spoke to an eyewitness Jake Jitend who had taken his asthmatic mother to the hospital for medical treatment last night when the fire alarm was raised.

“Actually we thought just someone smoking and we weren’t really alarmed when the fire alarm when off and then one of the staff came out and said there’s a real fire going on and we all started walking out and what also happened, the Fire Emergency and Rescue teams were on time and that was good and the staffs and police got everyone out and started treating them on the carpark."

Police Spokesperson Ana Naisoro says at around 1.30 am Lautoka Police received a report of a fire at the hospital’s Operation Theatre and X-ray room.

Joint efforts by NFA, Police and the RFMF started the evacuation process with patients taken to safety as the NFA tried to contain the fire.

Naisoro says as of early this morning the fire was contained with all patients safely returned to their wards.

She adds, Police will now await the findings of the NFA report into how the fire started.

Meanwhile medical authorities have advised that due to the situation the Special out-patients Clinics, X-ray services and General out-patient clinics will be temporarily closed till further notice;

Members of the public are advised to utilise the services of their nearest health centre until they are able to normalise services at the Hospital.

Visitation to patients will also be limited to essential needs and will be strictly monitored.

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