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Returning ATS workers not victimized

05:50 Wed Jan 03, 2018

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Kelly Vacala

Air Terminal Services workers who have returned to work after going on a strike are not being victimized.

This comes after misleading information continues to spread through social media in an effort to discourage striking workers from making the right choice and returning to work.

The ATS management says returning workers have accepted the Board Chairman’s offer and have signed the letter drafted.

The letter states that they acknowledge their wrong doing but they will only be issued with a warning letter.

The management also adds that returning workers have admitted that they had been influenced, misguided or misinformed resulting in the action they took.

Many ATS workers have now left the picket line and remain at home.

They know what they did was wrong but are uncertain about returning due to union and political pressure.

The Company is making every effort to contact these employees through paid advertisements, media releases, social media, phone calls and other means.

Workers with questions about returning are urged to call the Company and seek clarification on how they can return.

The Company encourages those yet to decide to make the courageous choice and return to work.

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