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Family claims injection left daughter bedridden

07:58 Mon Mar 12, 2018

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Filipe Naikaso

An investigation is underway by the Health Ministry following claims by a family that an injection administered to their daughter at the Nadi hospital last year has left her bedridden.

Father Andrew Chand says they took their daughter Shriya to the Nadi Hospital when she had a fever in September.

Chand claims that it was at this time her daughter was injected which has now left her paralyzed.

“I believe it’s the injection because after they injected my daughter she could not stand up or walk. She can’t walk because her leg is numb. Her leg is moving but she cannot control it and if she’s going to stand she will fall down."

Chand also says they have been going in and out of the hospital to query and

“When we took her again to the hospital they told me that there might be dengue there but after the blood test they said it was not dengue but rheumatic heart fever, after that they said it was leptospirosis, after that lupus, after that, they said something was wrong with the kidney”.

He says they are continuing to look for answers.

FBC News highlighted the issue with the Health Minister and confirmed they are in contact with the family.

“The permanent secretary has actually ordered an investigation into what actually happened and verify the claims of the family so as soon as that is completed we will be able to release information”.

Rosy Akbar says the case has been treated a priority adding they hope to get answers for the family soon.

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