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Three prosecuted for operating illegal employment agencies

18:00 Tue Mar 13, 2018

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Report by: Praneeta Prakash

Three bogus employment agencies, so far, have been prosecuted for their illegal operations in the country.

The Employment Ministry and the Police Force are investigating bogus agencies to curb the illegal recruitment of workers by unauthorized employment agencies.

Employment Minister Jone Usamate revealed in parliament today that one of the three agencies was fined $6000 by the Employments court while two other agencies were charged and one case is still pending.

Usamate says bogus recruitment scams is a major concern for the ministry.

“We are also tackling these bogus employment agencies through prosecution. Ministry is currently investigating, conducting investigation with the Fiji Police force and other relevant agencies to ensure that these bogus employment agencies are brought before the employment relation tribunal for illegal acts and operations.”

The Ministry has registered nine employment agencies since 2008.

Usamate says these agencies were given a one year license to operate in the country and that certain requirements needs to be fulfilled in order to operate.

He also confirms that agencies have to pay $20,000 bond together with $1,000 as registration fee.

Usamate was responding to Opposition MP Alvick Maharaj who raised the questioned on the steps taken by the Ministry to combat bogus employment agencies advertising for employment overseas.

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