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Farmer sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering his wife

16:33 Wed Mar 14, 2018

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Tokasa Rainima

A 33-year-old father of three has been sentenced to a mandatory life imprisonment of seventeen years without parole for murdering his 29-year-old wife Saleshni Lata, in July 2015.

Hem Singh was charged with one count of murder and one count of giving false information to a civil servant.

When delivering the sentence, High Court Judge, Justice Salesi Temo said that on the morning of the offence, Singh woke up and had tea with his wife, then went to work on his farm.

Singh later told his wife to plant pumpkins before an argument erupted between the couple.

Judge Temo said the man then took a stick and hit his wife’s head and chest where she fell.

He then lifted his wife and put her onto a horses back and hit her again before her body was later found by a farmer near Semo Hill, in Sigatoka.

Judge Temo said life is so precious in this world and in this case, there is really no justification.

She gave him three children, which means there was a lot of love.

The judge said the accused lied to police that his wife was missing.

A post mortem was conducted and the woman died of multiple injuries.

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