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NFP doesn’t support budget

17:15 Today

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Ritika Pratap

In another no surprise today, National Federation Party leader professor Biman Prasad has criticized the budget saying it is full of fear, freebees and failures.

He claims the budget is not about Fijian families but a political propaganda.

Professor Prasad claims the public and the business community is unable to give their views or criticize government policies openly.

“There is fear, no freebees, no one is allowed to talk about failures. Madam Speaker if your own business people cannot tell you about your failures, honorouble minister then please listen to the World Bank.”

He also claims the HOMES Care assistance given following the devastation caused by TC Keni and TC Josie failed.

“The amount of money that the government has wasted after Cyclones is actually a national scandal. It’s so called HELP FOR HOMES and HOMES CARE schemes were hopelessly implemented. Tens of millions of dollars was handed out to people on smart cards. The hardware salesmen quickly signed them up, debited their cards so the hardware merchants got the cash but the people waited for their hardware materials.”

He claims because the government has spent poorly today – there will be less money to spend tomorrow.

“The government is spending money like drugs at a nightclub. They are having a good time but they will not feel the hangover. That will be felt by the ordinary people of Fiji and this mess will be for the rest of us to clean it."

He claims the divestment program in Energy Fiji Limited has failed and the government is now offering free shares in the company.

The NFP leader also claims the government’s plan to revive the sugar industry is also not showing results.

Professor Prasad also says that no new ideas were presented during the budget address.

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