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Home Care officially wraps up

July 12, 2018 5:00 am

The Homes Cyclone Assistance Recovery Efforts program that was rolled out to assist Fijians affected by Tropical Cyclone’s Josie and Keni has officially concluded.

Homes CARE as its commonly known is reported to have assisted around 80 thousand Fijians across the Western Division and the North.
Maggie Boyle has more:

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Women, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation Dr. Josaia Koroivueta says since April, 200 staff across their Ministry and other agencies have assisted with the major logistical exercise which has helped close to 300 thousand Fijians if you consider the recipient’s families.

The PS says around 600 thousand dollars has been spent on carrying out the assistance which entitled Fijians to monetary assistance in four tiers which was credited to M-PAISA cards.

Under the assistance, Fijians affected were entitled to one thousand dollars, one thousand and five hundred dollars, three thousand dollars and seven thousand dollars.

The entitlement was dependent on the damage sustained with the maximum damage to a home entitling the recipient to seven thousand dollars.

Dr. Koroivueta noted while 80 M-PAISA cards were returned by ineligible recipients during the Amnesty period, a number of people had to be turned away because they did not qualify for the assistance.

He adds, the Ministry of Economy continues to investigate instances where some Fijians received the assistance and were ineligible and could now face fines up to 20 thousand dollars or an imprisonment term of 10 years or both.