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China sees Australia as bigger influencer in the region

07:03 Mon Sep 10, 2018

China's Ambassador to Fiji Qian Bo

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Akosita Talei

The growing influence of China in the South Pacific is one of Australia’s main concern claiming that the Chinese are moving in and splashing their cash in countries like Fiji.

However, China’s Ambassador to Fiji Qian Bo has silenced these claims saying their assistance to Fiji is selfless and sincere with no political conditions attached.

Ambassador Bo claims they have only strengthened ties with pacific island nations whereas Australia has done a lot by injecting more finance into the region.

“We’re not in a hurry because we don’t have ulterior motives and the beauty of china’s relationship with pacific countries is we never interfere into the domestic affairs of our friends.”

Ambassador Qian BO adds that despite the changing international and regional landscape, their relationship with Fiji will not be affected.

China has now become one of our major trading partners, an important source of foreign direct investment and one of the sources of tourists to Fiji.

“We will continue to support and assist our friends according to our own capacity and at the same time we’re very open and we’ll be very happy to see that more countries the Chinese assistance to our friends will encourage more countries or encourages countries in the region to do more for Fiji.”

China’s assistance to Fiji covers various sectors including infrastructural construction, energy, agriculture, healthcare, sports, emergency humanitarian aid and human resources.

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