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Health Ministry to review data collection on PATIS

September 10, 2018 12:43 am

The Patient Information System, commonly known as PATIS which is used by Fijians in all major hospitals and health centers is under review.

Health Minister, Rosy Akbar says that detailed information is an integral aspect of public health when it comes to prioritizing the areas they need to better resource.

With Non-Communicable Diseases responsible for up to 80 percent of deaths in Fiji, Akbar says it’s important to capture the data to further breakdown what actual diseases these are and what counter measures can be undertaken.

“One solid data, so that is where our PATIS system is now been looked into, so how we capture this data. It’s very important for us to know. We can’t say 80 percent of people died from NCDs, we need some real, real data and we’re working towards that. Like this percentage of people between 0 to 12 or 1 to 12 or the young people, the elderly people and that’s how we will have to align our services.”

Meanwhile, three point five million dollars has been allocated by government to subsidize kidney dialysis treatment which will enable treatment to cost around seventy five dollars a session.

In previous years, dialysis treatment would cost up to two hundred and fifty dollars a session.

Also for the first time, a National Kidney Research and Dialysis Centre will be set up by year end to assist those suffering from end stage kidney failure.