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Police seek new ways to stop traffic violators

07:31 Wed Sep 12, 2018

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Akosita Talei

Fifty people have died on our roads to date this year compared to forty-seven for the same period last year.

A recent incident that saw a farmer die after being hit by a twelve-wheeler truck in Wainikoro, Labasa while walking along the road has raised serious concerns.

Are the authorities doing enough to enforce strict road rules?

Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho says harsh penalties against traffic infringements don’t seem to be working so they’re looking at new ways to deal with the growing issue.

“There have been red spots identified on the ground but we’re having accidents now and fatalities outside these red zones so people know where this red spots are and people know where our enforcement officers are so we have to be more flexible in the way we do things and be more creative. Speeding is a big problem for us we have a huge stat so far this year and it’s a challenge for us so we need to get out there. We can deal with it and we will deal with it.”

The Police Commissioner says they need to come up with innovative ideas to deter drivers from beating the system.

It’s been discovered drivers are sharing information via social media chat groups on the location of enforcement officers.

Meanwhile, Land Transport Authority’s Board Chair Vijay Maharaj is calling on the public to utilize their texting platform 582 to lodge complaints.

“Take pictures and send it to LTA and we will make sure that those kind of incidents are investigated and we have asked our enforcement officers to work together with Police so we have a joint enforcement out there on the road.”

It’s been noted that apart from speeding, driver’s attitude on the roads together with drunk driving are some of the major contributors to road fatalities.

Motorists are advised to ensure they follow the road rules at all times.

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