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Why I quit: Draunidalo

September 23, 2018 7:42 pm

Former National Federation Party president and Member of Parliament and now Hope Party leader, Tupou Draunidalo has finally revealed why she abandoned her former party.

In an exclusive interview with FBC News, Darunidalo says she suddenly quit the NFP as party president, because much to her disgust the party leadership had suddenly started coalition talks with SODELPA for this year’s General Election.

“Their decision was to work with all parties and that includes the party SODELPA and no i don’t want to sit with SODELPA anymore and they disrespected their own voters and how can I talk about stability and the rule of law when i sit with those who don’t participate in it and I will be seen in a very bad light.”

Draunidalo who now heads the new Hope party says she can’t stand working with SODELPA leader, Sitiveni Rabuka, who she holds responsible for the demise of Fiji after the 1987 coups.

Despite various parties working together prior to the general elections Draunidalo’s new party, Hope, will never work with parties that are involved with SODELPA and its leader Sitiveni Rabuka.

“But there’s something about him and we all know what he started in this country and it has lost this country billions of dollars and the most who are suffering is the young people.”

Draunidalo says Rabuka’s return to the political arena portrays a bad image for Fiji.

“They will say wow this man can start a coup culture, he can destroy NBF and the whole economy and the people of Fiji will keep voting for him and if he can do it I can do it to and this is not a good thing to encourage.”

Draunidalo believes there are standards that needs to be set in Fiji despite some political leaders being fond of making all sorts of compromises just to get into power.

She says no matter how much forgiveness is asked for, the massive wrongs done by Rabuka, cannot be undone.

Rabuka is expected to give a response today, while NFP leader Biman Prasad cast doubts on Draunidalo’s claims saying she knows the truth and that he sincerely hopes for her sake she is not lying.