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War of words erupt between Reginald Jokhan and Biman Prasad

October 21, 2018 12:50 am

A war of words has erupted between FijiFirst candidate Reginald Jokhan and NFP leader Biman Prasad following a FijiFirst family fun day in Nadi yesterday.

The Managing Director of the Jokhan Realtors Limited claims Prasad owes him around $15,000 from a gentleman agreement they verbally agreed to in 2003.

Jokhan says he sold the NFP leader’s property at Sekoula Road in Laucala Beach 15 years ago for $215,000 and in return he was to receive $15,000 as commission.

He says Prasad paid him only $5,000 and claims he’s yet to pay the balance.

He alleges that every time he approached the NFP party leader, Prasad would stall the payment saying that he will pay later.

In one instance, Jokhan claims Prasad threatened him that he would get his real estate company audited if he was asked about the payment again.

Jokhan told FBC News it’s not all about the money but also the credibility of the individuals in question.

“To all Fijians how can you trust a person who didn’t honor a gentleman’s agreement to run this country? He cannot be trusted. Why am I claiming it now? Get it right if he wants to pay me now I can give him 10 charitable bodies where he can donate the money to. What I’m trying to say is very clear how can you trust a person who didn’t honor a gentleman’s agreement?”

Jokhan claims he’s come out in public with this information because he feels Fijians must know the kind of leader Prasad is.

“If you want to run the country, you should be honest in your dealings. Running a country deals with billions of dollars, if he can’t pay this small amount than how can we trust him to run the country where he will be dealing with billions of dollars?”

However, this claim has been brushed off by the NFP leader calling it defamatory and gutter level rubbish from a FijiFirst candidate about other politicians.

Prasad claims Jokhan had arranged someone to buy his house in 2003 but the verbal agreement was to only pay the FijiFirst candidate $5000.

He says his wife paid $5000 cash inside a bank at Laucala beach because Jokhan insisted to be paid in cash as he had to pay his daughter’s fee who was studying in New Zealand at that time.

“That was the end of the story. For him to now claim after 15 years that I need to pay him more is rubbish and this is the kind of gutter level tactics that the FijiFirst candidates and party leadership is trying to use to defame and bring disrepute to the NFP and the leader of the party. My lawyers are looking at what Jokhan said and they will be in touch with him.”

The NFP leader says he will be taking legal action against Jokhan and the claims he has made.