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Kamal Iyer hits out at Jokhan over an email sent to a client

October 21, 2018 7:24 pm

NFP candidate Kamal Iyer claims FijiFirst candidate Reginald Jokhan urged dishonesty and exploitation of Fijians in an email he sent to one of his clients on August 17.

The email sent by the the managing director of the Jokhan Realtors Limited shows him advising a client seeking residential tenancy on how to beat rent freeze to avoid any issues with the Revenue and Customs Service.

Iyer says a copy of the email was sent to the party showing Jokhan telling the client that it would be advisable to seek high rent as possible to avoid any issues with FRCS or other bodies in the future with a rental freeze in place.

“His email to a client in August this year is encouraging fraudulent practice and forcing would be tenants to pay exorbitant rent. Mr Jokhan is encouraging unscrupulous practice. This is at the height of dishonesty by advising someone on how to beat the rent freeze. He has no political morality, character and credibility.”

Jokhan yesterday during the FijiFirst family fun day in Nadi made claims that NFP Leader Biman Prasad owes him $15,000 for selling his Laucala beach property in 2003.

Last night, Iyer took a swipe at Jokhan for trying to bring disrepute to the party exposing an email exchange between the realtor and a client.

However, this has been objected to by Jokhan saying he’s not done anything that’s against the law.

“They are now looking at loopholes which does not hold any ground. I haven’t said anything illegal. It would have been illegal if there was a rent for $100 and I tell the Landlord to raise it to $150 – that’s illegal. Why aren’t they touching the same email that says you must get all contracts registered with FRCS? Why aren’t they saying that I’m advising on the right point?”

While Iyer claims Jokhan is encouraging fraudulent practice and forcing would be tenants to pay exorbitant rent, Jokhan on the other hand says he hasn’t done anything wrong.