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FijiFirst launches manifesto with new policies

November 9, 2018 6:32 pm

The FijiFirst has launched their manifesto for the 2018 general election with only three days to go before Fiji heads to the polls.

The 68-page document contains the party’s changes, their core values, attributes, objectives, focus for families, the economy, basic rights, culture, heritage and environment, Fiji’s future and the government.

The document outlines the party’s plan to build upon the success of the last four years of governing based on their 2014 Manifesto.

The party says it has laid the foundation for a more prosperous nation and the 2018 Manifesto continues that program.

Some of the new policies include:

FijiFirst has promised to allocate 10% of its shares in the Fiji Sugar Corporation to Sugarcane farmers through a trust mechanism.

Individual farmers allocation of shares will depend on the tonnage of cane produced.

VAT will remain at 9%.

New roads will be developed and existing ones improved meaning more road expansions, including four-lane projects to ease traffic flow and bicycle tracks to encourage a more healthy Fijian population, will be undertaken.

Also, where practical, consideration will be given to diverting roads inland to open up land for social and economic development.

This will include development of access roads to connect farming areas to markets.

The FijiFirst will also create bus lanes on 4-lane roads, and “park and ride” schemes to promote bus usage for commuting in particular in urban and peri-urban areas.

FijiFirst has also promised to enact a new law early next year to establish an Independent Lands Tribunal to effectively and efficiently handle complaints against TLTB and the Lands Department by iTaukei land owning units, individual lessees, tenants, occupants as well as informal or squatter residents.

This will ensure that all grievances in relation to the lease or occupation of iTaukei land and State Land are dealt with efficiently and fairly.

FijiFirst will pay for all visits to a private General Practitioner in your locality.

This initiative, together with funding support from Government, will also incentivize private doctors to provide services in rural and maritime areas. This initiative will give ordinary Fijians access to a “family doctor”.

New Kidney Dialysis Centres will be established in Nadi and Nadera that will provide patients the most economical access to treatment of kidney disease.

FijiFirst will subsidize 50% of kidney dialysis costs for households with income levels below $30,000.

A new 40 megalitre treatment plant will be constructed in Viria, Rewa to meet the demand in the greater Suva and Nausori area.

The party has also promised to introduce crop insurance for the protection of Fijian farmers.

The education system will be made more inclusive by establishing facilities to accommodate children with disabilities and special needs.

The party will also recruit professional counselors for our students to help them deal with career and personal choices.

The Government will continue with the free education initiative through per capita grants to schools.

Initiatives such as the bus-fare and boat-fare subsidies, free textbooks and other financial assistance will continue to ensure that no one is deprived of quality education.

The FijiFirst Government will facilitate the increase in mobile phone and internet connectivity over the next 14 months in the following rural areas: Nayau, Matuku, Totoya, Namuka, Namuamua, Cikobia Island, Tawake, Saqani, Ono, Tuvuca, Kabara, Namuka, Kia Island.

The party will establish a National Sports Academy to support the development of future and elite sportsperson and Olympians.

Sports development will include talent identification, specialized training, exposure to specialized coaching and training methods, and management of sports injuries and dietary programmes.

The FijiFirst has also promised to bid for the 2023 Pacific Games and 2026 Commonwealth Games.

The FijiFirst has also promised to increase Police Force numbers from 4100 to 7300 within five years.

Fijians have been encouraged to review the party policies and compare them with what others claim to offer.