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Police cordon off Suva High court for security reasons

December 13, 2018 1:08 pm
Police cordoned off the Suva High Court premises for the hearing of the petition case

Police have cordoned off the Suva High Court premises for the hearing of the petition case underway

The case involves SODELPA and National Federation Party’s legal redress challenging the outcome of the 2018 general election.

Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho says there’s no need to be alarmed as there’s no indication of any unrest.

He says they have cordoned off the area as the matter is a high profile case and the developments that occurred in the last 24 hours.

Qiliho says they’re also working to ensure they keep the order and allow the court to conduct its duties normally.

The Police Chief says this is a security posture that they have adopted as they don’t want a repeat of hundreds of people gathered outside the court as witnessed in Opposition Leader Sitiveni Rabuka’s acquittal last month.

He adds gathering of people in public places also require permits and they’re doing this to avoid such gatherings.

Reliable sources have also told FBC News that an investigation may be directed into the large gathering of people that camped outside Suvavou house last night and into this morning.

This comes after petitioners from SODELPA and NFP went to the Suvavou House yesterday to try and serve petition to the 27 government MP’s individually but were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, the court is currently deciding on their next course of action.