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Interest builds for EPL on FBC TV

October 7, 2013 12:48 am

The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation has already started receiving a number of inquiries from potential sponsors, who want to be part of the live English Premier League matches, which will be shown from October 20th.

FBC yesterday announced it had secured the rights to show the EPL and its history in the making as two live games will be shown each week on free to air television for the first time in the region.

FBC chief executive Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says this is the perfect opportunity for business houses jump on board for one of the biggest football event on television.

“Your products will be shown not only on TV during prime time and during live matches and repeat and highlights packages, but also on our website where we have had about two million visitors already this year. It is one the fastest growing website in Fiji, if not the fastest growing website. Also on our social media websites, which is growing at an absolutely amazing pace. We will be advertising fixtures in the newspapers as well and of course on our six dynamic radio stations that reaches the same number of people that FBC TV does and that is 95 percent of the population of all genres, languages and in all markets. So it’s a win win situation for whoever gets on board to supports this and sponsors this.”

Meanwhile, FBC will have a special event for potential sponsors on October 14 at its premises, where all companies, which want to be part of the coverage can attend.

This will see packages available for sponsors to take up and become part of the EPL coverage.