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Syria's Saydnaya prison crematorium hid killings, says US

04:00 Tue May 16, 2017

Saydnaya prison has been described as a human slaughterhouse

Taken from/By: BBC News
Report by: BBC News

*The Syrian government has constructed a crematorium at a military prison to dispose of the remains of thousands of murdered prisoners, the US has alleged. *

The State Department has released satellite images of the facility which it said was used to hide evidence.

Rights groups say thousands of inmates have been tortured and hanged at the military prison outside of Damascus.

Syria has not responded to the latest claims but it has in the past strongly denied any abuse at the jail.

In February, Amnesty International said that mass hangings had taken place every week at the jail between 2011 and 2015.

The government at that time dismissed Amnesty’s claims as “baseless” and “devoid of truth”, pointing out that all executions in Syria followed due process.
‘Mass murders’

More allegations of abuse at Saydnaya resurfaced on Monday.

“Credible sources have believed that many of the bodies have been disposed in mass graves,” Acting Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs Stuart Jones told reporters.

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