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MJ Akbar: India minister under scrutiny over #MeToo allegations

04:06 Thu Oct 11, 2018


Taken from/By: BBC
Report by: BBC

A former prominent newspaper editor who is now a junior foreign minister is the latest to be named in what is being called India’s #MeToo movement.

MJ Akbar is accused of predatory behaviour, including inviting young women to hotel rooms for “meetings”.

Neither Mr Akbar nor the foreign ministry have responded to the historic allegations against him.

But another minister, Maneka Gandhi, said all allegations, including those against politicians, must be probed.

Mr Akbar is the most senior person so far to be named in the flurry of allegations that have been made against comedians, journalists, authors, actors and filmmakers in the last few days.

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One of India’s most influential editors, he has edited leading English-language newspapers such as The Telegraph and The Asian Age.

He was first named on Monday by senior journalist Priya Ramani, who retweeted an article she had written for Vogue India a year ago titled “To the Harvey Weinsteins of the world”, where she reco

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